Thursday 30
Hybrid metaheuristics
L. Moalic
› 10:00 - 10:20 (20min)
Hyperheuristics based on parameterized metaheuristic schemes
José-Matías Cutillas-Lozano  1@  , Francisco Almeida  2@  , Domingo Giménez * @
1 : University of Murcia
2 : University of La Laguna
* : Corresponding author

The use of a unified parameterized scheme for metaheuristics facilitates the development of metaheuristics and their application. The unified scheme can also be used to implement hyperheuristics on top of parameterized metaheuristics, selecting appropriate values for the metaheuristic parameters, and consequently the metaheuristic itself. The applicability of hyperheuristics to efficiently solve computational search problems is tested with the application of local and global search methods (GRASP, Tabu Search, Genetic algorithms and Scatter Search) and their combinations to a problem of optimization of power consumption in operation of wells. The hyperheuristic approach provides satisfactory values for the metaheuristic parameters and consequently satisfactory metaheuristics.

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