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Supply chain and production
A. Sbihi
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Investigation for solving hybrid flow shop problem with consumable resource
Imane Laribi  1, *@  , Farouk Yalaoui, Zaki Sari * , Fayçal Belkaid * @
1 : Université Abou-Bakr Belkaïd Tlemcen  (UABB)  -  Website
22,Rue Abi Ayad Abdelkrim, Fg Pasteur B.P 119 Tlemcen -  Algeria
* : Corresponding author

In hybrid flow shop literature, many papers do not address the influence of system with non-renewable resource, however, such a problem may arise in a manufacturing environment in which for example each product must initially go through a testing operation and then will be processed on any of parallel machines beside consumption of additional no-renewable resource so in this case lack of resource can disrupts the efficiency of scheduling. This provides us with the motivation to consider the proposed problem, which extends the works reported above.

The present paper further extends hybrid flow shop scheduling research by considering the problem with consumable resource, the objective is the minimization of the makespan with identical parallel machine at second stage and one common testing machine at the first stage, several heuristics based on priority dispatching rules are compared and evaluated on small, medium and large instances

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