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Submission : Extended deadline May 23th 2014

General information:

Detailled information: 

Before submitting the abstract, please read these instructions carefully.

1. Registration of a new user

2. You must include in the on-line submission form the following information:

  • Presenter author: first name, family name, organisation name, address and e-mail address. 
  • Co-authors: please fill out the family names, surnames, organization name, city and country of the co-authors.  
  • Abstract title: please fill

3. Choose a unique topic either the general META stream or a special session 

2. Abstracts should have a maximum of 2 pages length. After the conference special issues for journals are organized. Selected long papers will also be published in a Springer book.

If there is any problem with the submittal process, please contact the Conference webmaster:

Laetitia Jourdan

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